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Patrick Henry

Speakers List

The tour that features nationally acclaimed liberty speakers every weekend in a city near you ....

This re-occurring assessment from Judges is certainly applicable today as we watch the culture grow increasingly hostile to the traditional teachings of biblical Christianity. Have we departed from the rule and reign of the True King, and do we insist on doing what is right in our own eyes? This is not only apparent in our churches, but also our families and particularly our government.

We invite you to join us as notable pastors, representatives, and political leaders speak to us about the state of the nation, biblical foundations for government, real solutions for the dilemma we are in, and our call to engage.

Our Speakers........

Art Ally
Bio - Video

Ken Blackwell
Bio - Video

Paul Blair

Curtis Bowers

Tom DeLay

Ron Edwards

Trevor Loudon

Bob McEwen

Harry Mihet

Janet Porter
Bio - Video

Sam Rohrer

Alan Ross
Bio - Video

Dexter Sanders
Bio - Video

Rick Scarborough

Nancy Schulze

KCarl Smith
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Mat Staver

John Stemberger

Juan Torres
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Join Us

To find a tour near you, call 877-634-2279 or visit us at givemeliberytour.com and click on the “calendar” tab. 

(Para nuestro sitio web en español: damelibertadtour.com)


"Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed" —Thomas Jefferson

These eleven words define our system of government, it is based on the “consent of the governed.” Do you "consent" to Obamacare, abortion, NSA spying, and Common Core State Standards. Well, the “Give Me Liberty” Tour will inspire you to take your place in a long history of other patriots who said aloud, enough is enough! This is the time to restore liberty and you are a crucial part of it.

Protect our liberty

To continue doing the same things, expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Our national government is broken and cannot be fixed. It is futile to continue to pour our resources into Washington while we continue to get the same results--a bigger, more intrusive government that progressively shrinks our personal liberty. We are told the problems are racial (black vs. white), Republican vs. Democrat, and liberal vs. conservative. These are divisive and distracting labels, which are robbing us of our unity and power. The real crisis is tyranny and losing our liberty.

Liberty Tour at The Villages

Have you not yet been to one of our events?  Check out the videos below to see what you are missing ....

In 2014 the Give Me Liberty Tour was presented at the The Villages in Central Florida.  The Villages  event was recorded in full.  Each weekend the tour was presented in different cities featuring different nationally known and acclaimed speakers.  These events continued through October of 2014.  The videos below feature Art Ally, Janet Porter and Dr. Juan Torres.  Please check out our calendar for a future event and list of speakers near you (or even not so near).  It will be worth the drive.

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